About Shaline...

Shaline is an award winning Couture Designer and a graduate of L'Académie des Couturiers Canadiens in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. After her graduation and internships in some of the leading clothing, fabric, and Bridal shops in Canada, Shaline began accepting commissions for custom designed wedding gowns and opened her own boutique.

Since 1990 Shaline has been designing and sewing wedding gowns and delighting brides with her exquisite work and attention to detail. Starting out in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Shaline brings her years of expertise to East Montpelier, Vermont, USA.

In June of 2007, surrounded by the fanfare of the culmination of Montpelier, Vermont's second annual Fashion Week celebration, Shaline opened her bridal boutique at 32 State Street.  In December of 2008, Shaline did it again!  She transformed 27 State Street, another, much larger space into what some called a "fairy tale boutique". Shaline has once again performed her magic in July 2010 and has combined The Boutique & Sewing Studio in one location in East Montpelier!

"So much of my work involves sewing that it made more sense to combine the two aspects of the business and still be in a convenient location for everyone."  Shaline's love and skill at sewing has brought many clients to her shops where she has been selling, custom sewing and altering wedding gowns for over 28 years. 


ABOUT DENISE...                                                                                                                                                                                    Shaline Bridal has recently formed a collaboration with Denise Martine, owner of Windflower Studio in Cabot, Vermont. With over 60 years combined experience, Shaline and Denise offer expert alterations and custom gowns to even more brides.

Denise's education in sewing and design began in the everyday working world of established dressmakers and designers, and has continued that way ever since. She gained her basic knowledge of construction and alteration techniques in the mid-1970’s while working as alterations assistant at two Chicago area bridal shops. Over the next 30 + years, she continued refining her design and construction skills while working alongside many talented professionals in bridal couture, men's and women's tailoring, and theater costuming. 

Denise has owned successful sewing and design studios in Indiana, Arizona, and Vermont. While in Arizona, she opened her studio to students, offering classes in various aspects of garment design and construction. She also taught a popular series of garment sewing classes through the Community Education Program at Yavapai College. In Vermont, Denise worked as a fitting consultant for a local bridal shop, and more recently, assists with costumes for Cabot Community Theater productions.

Though Denise has extensive experience in many areas of garment sewing and design, her favorite work has always been bridal: "To be able to work at what I love and to have that work be a part of so many joyous, hope-filled celebrations is something I consider a great blessing in this lifetime."


~ Every Dress Begins With A Dream! ~