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First Consultation:  At your first consultation, you will try on dresses of various styles and types, so that Shaline can gain an idea of what you like and what styles are most flattering on you.    She'll ask about your wedding date, where the wedding will be, and what type of reception you are planning.  In addition to your sense of style, Shaline will be getting to know you as well, so that whatever she designs will fit your body and your personality.  If you have photos or ideas that you would like incorporated into your design, you are welcome to bring them with you to your first consult.  Shaline will discuss  your available choices in fabrics, lace, embroidery, and embelishments (beading and handwork) and at the end, will give you a written description of the gown you are designing together.

Timeline:  Shaline creates each dress by hand, beginning with blank pattern paper and bolts of fabric, and as such they take innumerable hours to create.  From sketches to patterning, to cutting out the pieces, sewing in boning and embelishing your gown with beading and embroidery, every custom gown that Shaline creates is a study in attention to detail and exquisite taste. You will need to schedule up to 3 fittings to ensure that the gown fits every part of you perfectly, and the delivery of the gown is carefully timed to your wedding date so that it will fit you perfectly on your special day.  Because of the amount of work and the required attention to detail, a typical Shaline creation takes between 3 and 6 months to complete, from initial consultation to delivery.

Visitors:   If you don't live in the area and need to find accomodations for your fitting appointments, Shaline's staff will assist you in finding just the right place to retire after your fitting, and will make recommendations for local nightlife and restaurants.

Next Steps:  After your initial meeting, Shaline will create a formal proposal for your review, including hand drawn sketches, swatches and costs for the dress of your dreams.  After approval fabrics are ordered and received, a first fitting set up and your dress comes to life.  There are usually 3-4 fittings required and gowns are complete a couple weeks before the wedding to keep nerves calm.  Of course, your gown may be fit right up to the day of the wedding in case a nip or tuck is required.